Without question, Long Island is one of the most beautiful destinations for outdoor weddings and corporate events. Untouched acres of greenery, timeless and historical structures, and the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean are only a few reasons to host your wedding on the east end. We realize that every other tent company strives to provide the best possible service to complete that dream event.

We are not the first or original tent company. We are not supplying flimsy carnival style tents. We are not the largest tent company nor do we claim to provide the biggest structures.

We are an authentic wood pole tent company that focuses primarily on weddings and special events. Our attention to detail is impeccable. Our tents are always new and clean. Our poles are hand-carved, sanded, stained, and drilled by the best woodworkers. Our tops are sourced from the best manufacturers we could find. Our finished product is inspected after installation and before the event every time by myself personally, the owner of the company.